Hello, I'm Margie

I’m a chef, cookery writer, food stylist and podcaster.

I've been cooking professionally for the last 9 years. Whilst completing a Masters in Law after having finished studying at Oxford University, all I was dreaming about was cooking. So I made a culinary about-turn, and headed off to Ireland’s world-renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School.

I've cooked all over the world, and worked in some of London's top restaurants. 8 years ago I set up my own catering company called Made by Margie. A blog of the same name quickly followed and now has over 300 recipes on it.

Margie Nomura


The Desert Island Dishes podcast was born out of my passion for food and I love the idea of finding out what other people love to eat. Whether you live to eat or eat to live or whether you work in the world of food, it really doesnt matter because we all eat - and what we choose to eat, what we love to eat and where we eat is really interesting!

These are all the questions I tend to ask people anyway, being a.) very nosey and b.) very greedy. This is soothing but inspiring listening and I'm so excited about bringing it to you each week.

The act of sharing one’s favourite dishes is both deeply personal and fascinating. We are able to see a different side to the guest being interviewed and find out about much more than the dishes that have shaped their lives. 

I'm going to be talking to a whole host of different people and each week I will be selecting one of their Desert Island Dishes and creating a recipe around it which I will post in the recipe section. All the recipes you see on this site are my own version inspired by that week's castaway. Alongside working as a chef, I am a recipe creator and food stylist so this really is a combination of all the things I love the most.

I hope you enjoy!

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