Supermarket Snoop

It’s Friday so that means it’s time for another game of Supermarket Snoop!

I always think that the most revealing question on Desert Island Dishes is possibly the question of the dish they eat the most often. You could be cooking for 500 people at a Michelin starred restaurant, but what are you coming home and eating?

What is the dish you seem to turn to time after time or what you always make when you want something delicious and you need it quick!

Here is this week’s shopping trolley:

Supermarket Snoop - Desert Island Dishes

This trolley belongs to Saskia and Egle. 

Desert Island Dishes Supermarket Snoop

They are their early twenties, have been together for 5 years and are both digital project managers. 

Saskia became a vegetarian 4 years ago and has been vegan for the last 2 years, 
and Egle has been been vegetarian for 2 years. 

They tend to do one big weekly shop and then top up as and when they need it. They have a routine in the sense that they always buy a huge bag of oats so they can have porridge every morning, sometimes they add buckwheat and sometimes it’s overnight oats rather than porridge per se.

Saskia does most of the cooking and she’s planning on using the tofu in a stir fry.  She might toss the tofu in cornstarch to make it crispy and then stir fry it with the shiitake mushrooms, aubergine and veg. She will add a bit of cayenne pepper and Maggi liquid seasoning which she says they always buy and it’s really great. It’s like soy sauce but not made with soy and is brilliant in stir fries and soups. At the end she’ll add some agave or maple to caramelise it, and serve it with brown rice and a drizzle of tahini. They say they don’t tend to buy tahini at the supermarket and prefer instead to try and get it from a local Middle Eastern shop as it’s far better, and if the writing on the front isnt in English, so much the better.

They both say that in general they say they pretty healthily but they eat very big portions of everything.