Introducing Supermarket Snoop!

I’ve always been interested in what people are actually cooking on a day to day basis. Way before I thought of starting the Desert Island Dishes podcast, I was asking the questions and trying to find out what people are actually cooking. Having a nosey in other people’s supermarket shopping trolleys satisfies not only my inherent nosiness but also can bring inspiration for different ingredients and products I may not have thought about. 

I think we can get stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to food and we have a handful of dishes on rotation but there’s no harm in mixing it up a bit and we don’t only have to seek inspiration from chefs or food writers at the top of their game – there’s inspiration all around us and from people we meet every day. We all eat, possibly three times a day and what we are choosing to eat is so interesting!

When it comes to supermarket shopping, we quite often have a plan of what we want and that tends to stay the same most times we go, meaning we aren’t browsing the aisles and getting inspired to try new things. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love lingering in the supermarket any longer than I have to but I do love seeing what it is other people are buying.

What products do they love? What dishes are they planning on making with what they are buying? What is dish they tend to eat the most often?

I know I’m not alone in looking at other people’s trolleys – I think the majority of us do it but in a sneaky sort of side eye kind of way! So I thought it would be fun to shine a spot light on different people I meet in the supermarket and ask them the questions I always want to ask but don’t because they are a random stranger in the supermarket to me,  and I to them. 

The things I do for you lot. I hope you enjoy this series I’m calling “Supermarket Snoop.”


Supermarket Snoop - Desert Island Dishes - Margie Nomura

So my first feature is Junior. 


Supermarket Snoop - Desert Island Dishes - Margie Nomura

Junior is 32, living and working in London.  When I bumped into him in the supermarket, he was popping out to the shops to stock up on supplies for him and his wife who had had a baby just 3 days earlier. His new baby Rudy was doing well and they were adjusting to life as a three. He said his trolley was looking pretty healthy and he was planning on making his wife a fish pie when he got home. He got a fish pie mix with some extra prawns and he has potatoes at home which he can mash to go o the top. Yoghurts, fruit, oats and Weetabix are their go to breakfasts at the moment. He’s stocking up on avocados, and loads of vegetables so he can make his wife lots of healthy dishes over the weekend. He chose a chargrilled pepper, courgette, olive and pesto pizza which looks delicious and far healthier than a take away option.