We got Prue on the podcast and were so excited to hear her Desert Island Dishes but we also couldn’t resist getting her to answer a quick fire round. Asking those questions you always wanted to know but maybe didn’t know you did.

Prue’s having a real moment, she’s back on our screens with the latest season of the Great British Bake Off and has brought out her first cookbook in 25 years.

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What I always have in my fridge…








What is the one ingredient that makes everything better…




Favourite places to food shop…


Chipping Norton Farmer’s Market 

Aldi – which does very very good beef. They have 28 day aged Aberdeen grass fed beef


Favourite music to cook to…

I don’t really listen to music but I do enjoy Kate Dimbleby singing songs by Dory Previn. 


What’s your party trick?


I don’t really have one but I do make a very good aperol spritz. In fact I make excellent cocktails. I designed two for an opera they did at Glyndebourne – the opera was called the Elixir of Love so the cocktails had to be quite racy. I created the Knicker-dropper Glory (!) and the Blue Green.

Everyday breakfast?


I don’t eat breakfast. I could easily enjoy the works, croissant, fruit, yoghurt with honey etc etc. But I find if I have breakfast, I’m then much hungrier throughout the day so I tend not to apart from if I’m on holiday.


Favourite Sunday Night Supper?


Scrambled egg on toast with crispy fried prosciutto


The best condiment is…


Sumac. Delicious sprinkled on soup or potatoes.


Go-to present to give the host /  hostess of a dinner party?


I have two. One if a very lovely wooden carved spatula with the quote “Oh no not the soup!” on it and the second is an “Eversharp” knife sharpener. They are brilliant, I think you get them from Lakeland and they really are good.


Pudding or cheese?




Tea of coffee?




Soup or salad?




Guilty pleasure food….


Bounty Bars!


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