Supermarket Snoop!

Hurray it’s Friday!

Time for another Supermarket Snoop. I just love seeing what other people buy in the supermarket and think it’s so interesting to hear what they’re going to be cooking. We all have a repertoire of dishes but there’s always room for a new one and maybe inspiration can be found in other people’s trolleys. What are they buying? And what do they plan on making with what they buy?

Here is today’s trolley….

Supermarket Snoop - Desert Island Dishes

And this trolley belongs to Lisa:

Supermarket Snoop - Desert Island Dishes

She’s originally from Australia and she’s lived over here for over 20 years. She’s been a vegetarian for 30 years and turned vegan earlier this year. She works as a tour manager and film producer which is obviously very cool, but it does mean a lot of travelling and not having your own kitchen to cook in which she really misses. 

She says that being vegan, it can be quite tough to find good options and it differs widely depending on which country she’s visiting. 

But she’s back home for a bit and has her sister staying with her. She says she loves to eat healthily and doesn’t eat sugar. Her trolley is normally just full of fresh green vegetables but she’s shopping with house guests in mind. They are having a dinner party tonight for some friends and she’s going to make a vegan curry with sweet potato, aubergine and coconut milk. Pudding is always dark chocolate with grapes.

The dish she eats the most often is a bowl of green vegetables drizzled in truffle oil which sounds pretty heavenly.

Her final Desert island Dish: back in 2004 she ate beetroot ravioli in a restaurant called Peppers in Australia which was perfection.