Supermarket Snoop!

Happy Friday! It’s time for another game of Supermarket Snoop! #supermarketsnoop

Loving the different people I’ve met through this game and really loving the fact that you all seem to be enjoying it too!

Look closely at this basket and you’ll see that everything in there has a reduced price yellow sticker on it.

supermarker snoop - desert island dishes - Margie Nomura

This week’s basket belongs to Laura:

Supermarket Snoop - Desert Island Dishes - Margie Nomura

Laura (@reduction_raider1) told me that she doesn’t buy any food that hasn’t been reduced, and so her food choices are dictated by what’s on offer. She says that since she’s starting shopping this way - and it’s been about 5 years, she’s become a much better cook because she’s used ingredients and eaten food she wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. She has to get creative and she says she makes very good use of her freezer. How interesting that this echoes with what 2 Michelin starred Chef Magnus Nilsson said on his episode of Desert Island Dishes - he says limiting the options of what ingredients are available to you forces you to think creatively.

Laura works as a civil servant so this way of life is a choice for her but her primary motivation for shopping this way is the alarming amount of food waste that happens in this country. Laura told me that her monthly food shop costs her £40 which is pretty incredible. She recommends always checking to see what offers are on when you do go to the supermarket - each section tends to have a reduced area and it pays to go at the end of the day as that’s when they tend to make the discounts. She says you can get great discounts at all supermarkets from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrison’s, Waitrose and M&S. They discount the food when it’s coming up to its “best before” and they can’t sell is anymore, it would be thrown away, but it’s still within its “used by” date. 
She had no idea what she would find when she came into the shop today but she had taken some tofu pieces she got on sale from Holland and Barrett out of the freezer before work and will probably make a stir fry with the vegetables she’s picked up here. She says she’s never cooked Moin Moin before but she’s very excited to give it a go. 

In her spare time Laura volunteers at the @thefelixproject - helping businesses to share their surplus food with homeless shelters. She’s also an avid user of the @olio_ex app.