Margie’s guest this week is Rhiannon Lambert.

Rhiannon is a Nutriionist with her own clinic on Harley Street. ,She imparts evidence-based health advice to a whole range of different clients – from young women to new mums and professional athletees.

A popular face across social media, newspaper and on TV as she has consulted behind the scenes on the Masterchef series. She also works alongside doctors to demonstrate the influence nutrition can have on illness and recovery.

So basically, she knows an awful lot about nutrition and having a good relationship with food to say the least. Her debut book Re-Nourish has just come out which is very exciting and is packed full of great looking dishes.

Before all this Rhiannon won Classic FM’s Singer of the Year competition at the age of seventeen and went on to perform with Alfie Boe later that same year. She trained at the Royal Academy of Music.  And somehow she still manages, amidst everything else she does, she still finds time to sing!

So basically she’s a woman of many talents. I really like Rhiannon’s approach to food. It’s not about cutting things out of your diet or doing anything crazy, it’s simply a case of a little of what you fancy. Moderation being the key, which is, I admit, sometimes harder than others.

Crumble seems to be one of Rhiannon’s favourite dishes which I can completely get on board with. A great crumble is hard to beat, and I like her mum’s addition of the oats in the topping. I do this too and it’s delicious.

It was also a relief to know that Rhiannon snacks. As someone who seems to spend her life perpetually grazing I was very happy to hear that such is Rhiannon’s love of snacking, that she keeps a spoon in her handbag just in case she needs to eat a yoghurt. This sounds like a very sensible use of a handbag and may even entice me back to using a bag rather than just my pockets which is a habit I seem to have gotten into lately for reasons I can’t really explain.

Her mum sounds like a fantastic cook and her childhood was filled with spaghetti bolognaise, crumbles, shepherds pies and even the occasional stir fry. All very normal and delicious sounding.

I like the sound of her favourite sandwich being the pear, gorgonzola and roasted peppers – that sounds lovely or she also talked of sardines on toast which is a simple but delicious sounding choice. I don’t think sardines get enough air time, they are really good for you, and taste great!

I’m going to have to look up what a Taiwanese porridge consists of as it sounds like it would be right up my street and I might even experiment with the scrambled tofu which sounds interesting!

Anyone who serves two puddings at a dinner party sounds like someone I would get on with. And I only hope it’s not an either or situation and one might be allowed to have both.

Desert Island Dish

Sunday roast with all the trimmings. Cauliflower cheese, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, red cabbage, roast potatoes…etc etc  

Luxury item: water bottle (and a hair brush)

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