My guest today is Clemmie Hooper 

Otherwise known as Mother of Daughters, Clemmie is the brains behind the extremely popular blog Gas and Air. She is a trained NHS midwife and her first book, “How to grow a baby and push it out” was unbelievably successful with 3 reprints before it was even published. With it Clemmie has helped thousands of women around the world. She has just released her 2nd book – A journal of how to grow a baby. 

She is the mother of 4 daughters and she’s paving the way and flying the flag for a more honest approach to how parenthood is portrayed online.

I do a lot of cooking for new and expectant parents and my weeks are filled with filling their fridges and freezers with delicious things so that they don’t have to think about cooking. As time is in short supply! So I was really excited to speak to this weeks guests about how she juggles being the mother of four with a busy career and lots of exciting things going on work wise and at home. 

I love speaking to people from the world of food but I also love speaking to interesting and inspiring people who are out there doing amazing things and finding out about the food that has shaped their lives and how they got to where they are. 

Desert island dish:

Really amazing breakfast. Bacon, chorizo, avocado, grilled tomatoes, Portobello mushrooms cooked in garlic butter, white toasted sourdough. With Tabasco. Pot of tea.

Luxury item: A phone filled with podcasts.