Margie’s castaway is Dhruv Baker.

Dhruv not only took part in Masterchef back in 2010 but he went on to win the series and his career has gone from strength to strength since then.

He’s published a cookbook, presented tv programmes and regularly writes recipes for magazines. Dhruv went to work in some of the UK’s top kitchens, including Le Gavroche with Michel Roux Jr and The Connaught, before starting his catering company The Earlsfield Kitchen, which covered  everything from fine dining to BBQs before eventually getting their own premises at the Jolly Gardeners in Earlsfield.

To say that Dhruv is a great cook is an understatement. John Torode said Dhruv had a, "talent that very few people will ever have" whilst Greg Wallace added, "that Dhruv is probably one of the most amazing talents he’s ever seen. He has the palate of an angel."

I recorded this episode last week at Dhruv’s beautiful home, but by the magical powers of the internet I will be on a little holiday in New York by the time you listen to this or read this, which is very exciting. I’m expecting by the time I come back I will be 98% pancake and 2% maple syrup. The dream.

I am the biggest Masterchef geek which I think really comes out in today’s episode and I completely geeked out over the trophy. I wanted more than anything to pose with it, but having my photo taken is not one of my favourite things so I chickened out! I settled instead for taking lots of photos of it nestled on a velvet cushion, which I hasten to add is not where Dhruv normally keeps it.

Anyway, Dhruv was absolutely lovely and this episode made me really hungry…you have been warned. His love of food really comes across and he has some delicious dishes to talk about.

In this episode I said I’ve never tried Mole but I must have done, mustn’t I? Surely? I caused an uproar on my Instagram (@madebymargie) this week by admitting I had only just had my first cannoli. I feel I am slipping. It escapes me how something so calorie laden and delicious could have passed me by all this time. I am hoping my Mole revelation doesn’t have the same effect.

Winter BBQs need to happen. In fact, I feel foolish for wasting the last 30 years of my life by only having them in Summer. Mine is getting dusted off and I intend to cook brownies on it immediately, if not before. How this had never been brought to my attention before is beyond me, but the thought of cooking a batch of brownies on the BBQ and eating them hot off the coals with a cool scoop of ice cream just sounds heavenly.

Desert Island Dish:

Starter: Fruit de Mer platter

Main course: T bone steak with chips, béarnaise sauce and watercress salad

Pudding: Cheese board

Luxury item: Coffee Machine

Have a listen to the charming Dhruv by clicking on the link below:

One final thought…can you imagine if I did actually have to pay for all these meals?? She says, with a somewhat nervous laugh. On my salary, literally everyone would be getting gruel. That’s generous, right?

Thank you all so much for listening and reading! Do come and find me on Instagram @madebymargie and I will see you when I’m back from New York, when they roll me off the plane.

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