Margie’s castaway Georgie Coleridge Cole. 

Georgie is the Founder and Editor of SheerLuxe, which she incredibly launched at the tender age of 25. Georgie studied French at university in Edinburgh and worked in beauty marketing before launching SheerLuxe. What started out as a directory for the best places to shop online has become a hugely popular digital magazine spanning fashion, beauty, health, food and careers for modern women. 

She lives in south-west London with her husband and three children.

Georgie has said: “Starting a business is not the easy option (especially as a mother) but I firmly believe you make your own luck and if you work hard enough good will prevail!”

Now, whilst Georgie is super successful she says herself that she is not a great cook or at least that she is not that interested in cooking. And she’s very apologetic – when there is absolutely no need to apologise! As a chef, I am clearly as huge fan of people who hire chefs!

When I started Desert Island Dishes I was determined that my guests didn’t have to be from the world of food. Because we all eat – and what we eat and what food means to us is interesting, I think! We all have dishes that remind of our childhoods and we’ve all eaten dishes that we remember. So I love speaking to people who love cooking and who live to eat – but I also like speaking to people doing great things and find out about how they eat too. 

Georgie has her finger on the pulse of the zeigesit – and has lots of delicious food recommendations and some great business tips about how to get started along with some truly delicious desert island dishes. Her recommendation of Eight over Eight is a great one – it’s such a delicious restaurant, although I’ve never had the Pad Thai, so need to rectify that! Georgie also tells us that they do a great lychee martini which is also worth knowing. We also find out about the breakfast that gets Georgie springing out of bed in the morning, and as nut butter and banana are involved, I can completely understand why.

I had forgotten how much I love kedgeree – such a great dish. There’s a recipe on Made by Margie for a quinoa version which is really easy and delicious – although there is nothing wrong with the classic version either, of course.

There is a common theme here with these super successful people – they just get on and do stuff. The advice seems to be: Don’t spend too long over thinking and procrastinating – just get out there and start making waves. 

Desert Island Dish: 
Starter: lobster bisque with scallops
Main: her mum’s spaghetti bolognaise
Pudding: Chocolate fondant with salted caramel ice cream, pistachio ice cream and mango sorbet

Luxury item: eye mask and earplugs

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