Margie's castaway this week is Giovanna Ryan. 

Giovanna was runner up on this years Masterchef. I am a HUGE fan of masterchef, I absolutely love it – so it was great to meet Giovanna and get some of the inside goss on behind the scenes on Masterchef. We find out all the good stuff.

Since Masterchef Giovanna has set up a supper club and events company called Three Girls Cook with two other fellow contestants which is very cool. And it was generally just lovely to chat to her and hear all about her food filled adventurwes and her desert island dishes. 

I went on holiday to Spain last week to see my dad which was amazing but I came back with a cold which is very annoying. So apologies if I sound a bit bunged up, I promise I will have bounced back by next week! 

I don’t know about you but I am definitely going to try out a parmesan stock very soon and I cant stop thinking about that honey and Greek yogurt pannacotta with apricots – sounds so so good! Giovanna has some great tips for getting your confidence up in the kitchen and I am also obsessed with flavoured oils, so loved to hear her chatting about those. I adored how passionate she is about pasta and I hope she will inspire other people to give it a go because it isn't nearly as scary or difficult to make as everybody thinks.

Her food does all genuinely look delicious and I am going to be booking myself into one of her supperclubs ASAP. She's the kind of cook that you could trust her just to cook you anything she liked and you know you will love it.

Also – I cannot stop thinking about Christmas sandwiches – and that episode from Friends – one of my favourites where Ross loses it when someone steals his sandwich. I know you know the one I mean. 

Desert Island Dish: Pappardelle with beef ragu and parmesan followed by apple and blackberry crumble for pudding

Luxury Item: piano

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