I have to admit that when I asked Alex for his favourite sandwich I was taken aback by his answer: avocado and marmite toasted sandwiches. My immediate thought was that it sounded rather like a pregnancy craving. But when my sister was pregnant, I joined her in her new found habit of eating humous and marmite crackers. I am nothing if not a supportive sister, and found, much to my surprise that it was a delicious combination! I learnt there and then, that there can never be any judgement when it comes to food and I have a very open mind. Plus I am inherently nosy and inquisitive and I needed to know what this odd sounding combination tasted like.

I started experimenting by making it just as Alex had instructed. In the oven, as a toasted sandwich. I was skeptical right up until the point where I pinched my nose, told my boyfriend to wish me luck, and took a bite. To my complete amazement, it was delicious and I ate the lot!

I was going to say that I played around with the recipe, but the word "recipe" might be slightly misleading. I am not always a huge fan of warmed avocado, and do tend to prefer it cool and creamy.

I experimented with sourdough, with rye, with crackers, with wholemeal and with pita. I tried the avocado crushed, sliced, and chopped. I tried it with bovril (I love bovril), feta and cheddar cheese. Alex is a big advocate of vegan eating so I wanted this dish to reflect that, although I did like the addition of cheese.

Ultimately, after lots of eating, I found I liked hot toast, with butter and then marmite and then cool creamy avocado on the top. I added a sprinkling of fresh sliced radishes to add a bit of heat and a crunch. And just like that, my new favourite snack was born.

Now I know a lot of people have reached peak avocado and I certainly eat less than I did but honestly this is a dish you need to try. I know you're curious. Plus I heard Carole Vordeman say her secret to not ageing (and she really isn't ageing, in fact she seems to be doing a Benjamin Button), was to eat half an avocado every day. If it's good enough for Carole and her multi award winning rear of the year...well, it's good enough for me.


To serve 1

2 slices of sourdough 

Generous butter

1/2 tsp marmite 

1/2 large avocado

1 /2 sliced radish

salt and pepper


Toast the sourdough. Whilst still got spread generously with butter and top with a hint of marmite. If you love marmite by all means go heavy on it, but for me a hint is perfect.

Slice your avocado and pop it on the top and sprinkle with sliced radish and salt and pepper.

So good!