Peanut butter brownies to continue my resolution to try and cook from other people’s recipes.

I made Tom Kerridge’s peanut butter brownies from his new book. Yup - it’s a book full of delicious healthy recipes and I opted for the only unhealthy recipe in the book - the brownies. Sounds about right 😬

Brownies are one of my specialities - I make so many of them each week for my cooking clients and so it was strange cooking someone else’s recipe but I do think it’s an exercise that is going to make me a better recipe writer.

These had a lovely squidge to them which is exactly how I like my brownies. I always err on the side of slightly underbred when it comes to brownies - and I love putting them in the fridge as it seems to give them an extra squidge.

What about you, are you Team Squidge or Team Cake-like when it comes to brownies?

The recipe for these is from Tom’s new book which you can get here.

Tom Kerridge Peanut butter brownies